Looking to start a playschool? Benefit from our Franchise


Want to start a preschool or upgrade your existing preschool?

Little Shishyas preschool has come up with time tested curriculum solutions for play schools. Activities and curriculum are designed by a professional team of child psychologist and well experienced early childhood educators. This package includes daily, monthly, yearly planners, activities and schedules.

Little Shishyas preschool (since 2007) is emerging with “LITTLES”- a preschool curriculum support solution.

“LITTLES” – A time-tested Preschool Curriculum Solution is the most innovative, modern and scientific preschool preparative system, meticulously designed by an experienced Child Psychologist, and put into practice since 2007, with the primary objective of motivating the sensory development of the kids-community. Over the years, LITTLES proved to be the most child-friendly, Preschool System and emerged as unenviable and colossal, brimming out to expand, with uncompromising quality. Now you can initiate this facility to those uninitiated kids of your concern, awaiting. You can set up your own Preschool, in your own area, in your own Brand name and style, with the help and assistance of LITTLES Preschool solutions. Even the existing schools too, can be upgraded to our system of curriculum solutions, with ease.

How does it benefit a play school?

  • Any play school can contact us for curriculum support and activity schedules.
  • Easy to execute.
  • No franchise required.
  • No royalty payments.
  • Teachers training provided.
  • One time investment only.
  • Easily executive even by people who are new to the field.

No franchise fee. No royalty payment

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