We give our children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

Kids will be trained with various activities according to their milestones. Speech development, walking, socialization & communication development activities will be given more focus.

  • 9.30am- 12.30pm- play school -1.7yrs to 2.7 yrs.
  • 9.30am- 12.30pm- preschool- 2.8 yrs to 3.5 yrs.
  • 9.30am to 12 noon- baby classes- 1.3 yrs to 1.7 yrs. ( Training according to the milestone development of kids focussing Walking, language development, socialization & communication).
  • Day care/ creche 8 am to 8 p.m- 1 yr to 13 yrs.
  • Child care : 1yr+. We have trained baby sitters to take care of kids to help working parents.
  • After school programs: 4pm to 8pm.

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