Activity Center

Little Shishya's hobby classes

EveryDay Care for your Children

Wado-Kai Karate
Affiliated to Karate Association Of India
Fitness, Self-defence, Nunchaku
Master.V.L. Lakshman
Experience: 25+ years

Zen Arts Academy
Sketching Drawing & Painting Classess
Mr. Muralidharan
Experience: 15+ years

Emotikons Spl. Education Therapy Program
Academic Help Provided For Children Facing
Academic Challenges In School.
(Reading, Writing, Mathematics Help
Would Be Provided On A One-To-One Basis).
Experience : 14+ years

Akshar Hindi Classess
Preparation For Graded Exams and Spoken Hindi Mrs. Rashmi Khanna (North Indian Teacher)
Experience : 15+ years

Tuitions Available For All Classess
Mrs. Jayashree
Experience: 10+ years

Tuitions Available For Handwriting
Mrs. Sathya
Experience: 15+ years

Shlokas & Bhajans
Mrs. Balambika Sridharan
Experience: 25+ years

Nrithyakshethra Dance Academy
Mrs. Chithra Muralidharan
Experience :15+ years

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