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Our Child-Centric approach to education caters to each child’s interests and learning styles. By providing a rich environment and a variety of educational choices, we help children direct, develop and expand their own interests and unique talents. We support children in making their own choices, both individually and as a group. Kids always are inquisitive in learning and they are always exploratory in nature. Additionally, we emphasize learning by doing. Many of our activities are experiential and kinaesthetic or ‘hands on’. Young children learn best through games and play. We help sustain their ability to imagine, play, and visualise in many of our activities

Learning Environment

A distinguished, child-centric play school with specially designed, activity based curriculum. Tristine atmosphere with a feel at home, suitably equipped classrooms with garden and exclusive play area. Innovative, fun-filled place and activities

Friendly Facilitators

Fully equipped, affectionate, well-mannered female faculty members, trained by a team of child psychologist and educationists. Toddlers are treated with motherly affection and care and also attend to their individual needs of the children. periodical orientation programs with the parents would help in understanding the child in a better way

Child Friendly Approach

Assessment of individual personality of each child and its sociability with other children. counselling the parents to instil correction on the child as may be needed and necessary which will strengthen the physical & emotional qualities for proper settlement of children in life

Our Vision

Little Shishyas is an Educational Institution, dedicated and devoted to the cause of pre-school Education, established by a team of Child Psychologists and people who are well experienced in Child care Education with its associated trends and techniques The Vision of “Little Shishyas” is to become an unparalleled Institution to lead the domains of Child care and Pre-school Education in the country by providing an effective framework of Curriculum that will cater to the needs of the future generation of out great Country.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve the Objectives/Goals, as enshrined in our Vision Statement, by providing:

  • Child-friendly curriculum that will be encompassing the latest global trends in pre-school Education.
  • Employment of qualified pre-school Educators and imparting of Institutional training necessary to meet the requirements
  • Inputs: provision of all the infrastructure, as may be necessary, for the modern Child-care and Pre-school Education.
  • Social exposure: Exposure of children to all the Social and cultural festivals by direct participation.
  • Daily feedback on the activities of children in the school to parents and regular participation of parents in all the functions and programs of the school.


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Innovative Methods

Learning Skills

Before you send your child off to begin a lifetime of school-based learning, there are some essential skills that should be learned in the preschool years

Attention Span

One of the hardest things for small children to learn is the ability to sit still and listen for more than a few minutes. This is an essential skill for success in school.

Early Math Skills

Developing an understanding of numbers and counting is essential to the later development of more involved mathematical skills.

Early Writing Skills

Letting your child scribble may seem like fun and games – but it’s actually the beginning of writing ability.

Problem-solving Skills

Essential in academics as well as in everyday life, preschool is the time to start teaching problem-solving abilities. Educational toys and activities are the perfect tool for teaching basic problem-solving.

Social Skills

Early development of the social skills necessary to thrive in a school environment is one of the easiest to forget, but still one of the most important.

Emotional development

Leaning to express their emotions in a proper way is the key aspect in child development as an expressive child makes his/her way clear to the process of understanding.

Listening Skills

Preschoolers need to develop the skills they need to listen, to truly hear, and to comprehend instructions and explanations.

Communication Skills

The ability to express needs, ask questions and express feelings both verbally and non-verbally are essential to later success.


The critical role of imagination, discovery and creativity in a child’s education is only beginning to come to light. Allowing plenty of tools and chances for artistic and creative play is the best way to foster this essential skill.

Fine Motor Skills

Working with things like scissors and crafts help preschoolers to develop the fine motor skills required to succeed with more complex projects in the future.

Friendly Facilitators

The faculty members also play the role of friendly facilitators by supplying laison between the parents & the management, as our motto goes saying

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