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    Every Child is Important, Every Child is Unique

    Our Child-Centric approach to education caters to each child’s interests and learning styles. By providing a rich environment and a variety of educational choices, we help children direct, develop and expand their own interests and unique talents. We support children in making their own choices, both individually and as a group. Kids always are inquisitive in learning and they are always exploratory in nature.

    Additionally, we emphasize learning by doing. Many of our activities are experiential and kinaesthetic or ‘hands on’. Young children learn best through games and play. We help sustain their ability to imagine, play, and visualise in many of our activities.

    If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in the way the child can learn.

    ~ Erma Bombeck

    Learning Environment

    A distinguished, child-centric play school with specially designed, activity based curriculum. Tristine atmosphere with a feel at home, suitably equipped classrooms with garden and exclusive play area. Innovative, fun-filled place and activities

    Friendly Facilitators

    Fully equipped, affectionate, well-mannered female faculty members, trained by a team of child psychologist and educationists. Toddlers are treated with motherly affection and care and also attend to their individual needs of the children. periodical orientation programs with the parents would help in understanding the child in a better way

    Child Friendly Approach

    Assessment of individual personality of each child and its sociability with other children. counselling the parents to instil correction on the child as may be needed and necessary which will strengthen the physical & emotional qualities for proper settlement of children in life

    Happy Students


    Teaching Hours


    Days of Learning


    Innovative Methods

    School Facilities

    EveryDay Care for your Children ...

    Little shishyas if fully & uniquely equipped with all the innovative infrastructure required to hone the sense of children.

    Preschool Programs

    The classes are run on a scientifically designed curriculum with scheduled
    planned activities in accordance to the child-development modules.

    Day Care

    1.2 yrs to 1.7 yrs

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    Play Group

    1.7 yrs to 2.6 yrs

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    Pre School

    2.6 yrs to 3.5 yrs

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    Friendly Facilitators

    The faculty members also play the role of friendly facilitators by supplying laison between the parents & the management, as our motto goes saying

    The school and the parents should join together for the betterment of the children

    Balambika Sridharan


    Mubin Khan


    Sheela Selvam


    Sumathy Vivek


    Happy Children , Happy Parents

    News & Events

    All the activities and events of little shishyas are chronicled in advance, to enable the school and the parents to find time
    to train / rehearse each child as needed for each program

    Krishna Janmashtami

    September 10th, 2018

    Our shishyas were dressed us as kutty krishnas and Radhas. They enjoyed Uriyadi & tug of war (traditional games), cuddling Krishna in a jhoola, story session, kalinga mardhanam explanation pooja and much more.

    Pon Onam

    September 10th, 2018

    Onam was celebrated in little shishyas involving kids in athappo kolam, King Mahabali story, explanation on Vallam kali(boat race), and traditional music & dance.parents also joined and enjoyed the ambience. They danced along with their kids which would be a cherished memory for them.

    The First step to stress Free learning

    We offer a child friendly
    learning environment, that contributes to your
    child’s growth!

    Little Shishyas follow a child-centric, scientifically designed, activity oriented curriculum focussing on:

    • Age appropriate activities focussing on multi-sensory development.
    • Highly qualified teaching faculty with appropriate training imparted by the management from time to time.
    • Smost innovative infrastructure to promote effective child-development.
    • Little Shishyas is highly transparent in all the activities as our activities get uploaded in the web for the parents to understand how their child is developing. we as parents are generally apprehensive to know about how our children are behaving and learning in school. since, all the children are not completely developed with vocabulary, they may not be in a position to share what they learnt in school. our school activities in the form of photos and videos will help the parents understand about their children in a better way.
    • Little Shishyas believe in a concept , “ culture makes a man perfect”a culturally developed child is better suited in our society. the quintessence of our curriculum is value oriented learning. as we introduce the children to etiquettes & manners, introducing them to indian epics through stories, dramatizations, puppet shows etc. little shishyas ios thereby a unique school with its unique curriculum & an international play school with an Indian concept.

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